I started out writing this section as a generic run-down of what I had done in the “industry”, by the time I’d finished listing my accomplishments which in all honesty isn’t huge, especially compared to others who are offering the same service. I began to realise I’d missed the whole point of why I and how I wanted to do this.

I’ve spent the last 8 years living in the UK, both London and Edinburgh. I have a passion for Screen Acting, Production and Singing, but most importantly I have a passion for people. I have spent many years figuring out who I am and, I believe that relationships with people are the most important thing and the whole reason for being here.  Perhaps that’s why I ended up in Recruitment for a day job.

Acting and Singing is centred in and around this. The biggest thing I have learned is that if you want succeed in the creative industry, then knowing who you are first, and learning to lead yourself in life is key.

As mentioned I’ve not a dazzling array of achievements, but what I have done is acted in a TV series, written a film script, worked as a Video Editor and Produced and Directed a couple of short films. I am also a professional backing vocalist and have experience in live band performance.  I keep my skills up by performing regularly in an acoustic duo and going to as many workshops as possible to improve on audition techniques.

I have also completed a leadership course and have experience in the building up of and leading others specifically in helping them achieve their next step. My strength lies mainly in the life experience I have had, you name it, I’ve probably done it for better or worse, I would like to say I have learned from it, and in most circumstances I have, but like everyone I’m still on the journey.

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